Hi there! My name is Cassandra, but I go by Cass. I am self taught freelance photographer specializing in landscape, travel & lifestyle. Currently living in Salt Lake City, UT but originating from Northern California. I have been lucky to live and play in some of the most scenic landscapes & it is my pleasure and passion to photograph the way I see it, for others. 

My talent for portraying a scene to inspire and stimualte others has taken me to great places, had me meet wonderful people, and honored me to work with amazing companies.

While taking photos is one of my passions, I am also an Optician. Seeing beauty is something I take seriously. Reach out and say hi! casstaway@gmail.om

Some clients include: Travel Oregon - Visit Utah - Fawn + Cub - Backcountry.com - Make & Master - Discrete Clothing -  Tulisan - PawNosh - Tributary Raft Guides - Danner Boots - Balm Apparel -