Travel Oregon

Photos I captured during my fast paced 5 day adventure in March 2014, touring the areas surrounding the beautiful Wallowa Mountains located in North Eastern Oregon. Travel Oregon hired me to explore the area, photograph its beauty and encourage others to seek out The 7 Wonders of Oregon. So glad to be apart of this project and I am happy to have been sent to the Wallowas. Oregon is one of the most gorgeous and welcoming states I've ever been to. I wish I had more photos to share but I was so involved in absorbing the entire trip just for myself that sometimes I forgot to even pick up my camera! That's an indication of how wonderful the area is!! Thank you over and over again, Travel Oregon. Be sure to follow @TravelOregon on Instagram & on Facebook to see the wonders and lures of Oregon for yourself! 

*If you want to see the magestic Wallowas during other times of the year, be sure to check out one of my personal friends and locals to Joseph, Oregon: Joe Whittle. His work is incredible and he was the most spectacular tour guide; he is filled with information & zest for the mountains. I am honored to have him as a friend.